Mike Goldstein MDChief Engineer: Mike Goldstein, MD

Conceptor and chief engineer, Dr. Mike, spent years conceptualizing, researching, developing, and testing En:kits Enemas in response to one of those “mother of invention” needs. His professional education in medicine, many years as an adept clinician, personal insights, creativity, and engineering skills initially formed and continue to contribute to the growth and evolution of bowel betterment.

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CEO: Eva Miller

His daughter, Eva, talked Dr. Mike into agreeing to commercialize the enema because of its potential to improve so many lives; that took some doing. As CEO, she thought it best to put her MBA to use by promoting better relationships between bowels and their owners via marketing, sales, education, and client services.


To provide the safest, most efficient and mostconvenient rectal enema that allows sufferers of chronic constipation to improve their lives.

As offspring of those seeking the American Dream we found it paramount to our mission to support local and domestic businesses. The components involved in the manufacture of En:kits Enemas are sourced from US companies, as much as possible. We’ve been able to achieve well over 90% success in this effort, feeling very good about Made in the USA. Furthermore, we are a bit obsessive about what we make and try to make sure it’s damned good before our potential customers get the products. We now know this takes (lots of) time. Products that are not made by us but carried on our website must meet the same criterion: damned good because we used it, criticized it, tested it in the real world and came to appreciate it – and we hope you do too.

As we continue to innovate and problem-solve on behalf of those of us looking for a little more regularity we look forward to your questions, concerns and even complaints.


In the face of all this, both parties felt the need to laugh about the very funny things the subject of constipation and its relief bring to the fore. And mind you, our sense of humor is at least peculiar, so you are forewarned. If you can’t laugh at all about taking a crap, Jenny believes that you may need more help than you can get here.